On Time

Thou Long Patient CREATOR of All That Breathes,
Thou Abundantly LOVING CAUSE of All That Exists,
Thou Unique VANQUISHER Of the Merciless Heropass,
Now To The Sounds Of Our Glorifying
Only Rejoice And Abide In Beatitude.
By Thy Unprecedented Labors Thou Hast Given Us The Beginning Of Our Arisings,
By Thy Vanquishing Of The Heropass Have We Obtained The Possibility
Of Perfecting Ourselves To The Sacred Anklad
And Now Only Rest, As Merited,
And We, In Gratitude, Will Maintain All That Thou Hast Created
And Always in All Things Will Extol Thee Forever,
Thou, The Beginning Of All Ends,
Thou, Proceeding From Infinity,
Thou, Having The End Of All Things Within Thyself,

- Hymm to our ENDLESSNESS from Beelzebub's Tales To His Grandson, p. 1174


"If Gurdjieff had simply wanted to say Absolute Time, he would have used pan instead of pass: pan is the neutral term for All. He makes the word Heropass which means that he intended it to be taken as a person. He speaks about the merciless and pitiless Heropass in exactly the same way as old texts speak about Zurvan."

- JG Bennett in Talks on Beelzebub's Tales, p.93

References on Time and The Greater Present Moment:

  • Anthony Blake: A Seminar on Time [uses systematics throughout]
  • William Pensinger & Nha Trang: The Moon of Hoa Binh [a vast novel that incorporates Bennett’s ideas on time]
  • Maurice Nicoll: Living Time
  • Marie Louis von Franz: Time and Number
  • JB Priestly: Man and Time
  • Jean-Pierre Causade: The Sacrament of the Present Moment