See The Origin of Systematics in Gurdjieff's Talks

In the compendium, the reader can access people and ideas that can be associated with the methods developed in John Bennett's systematics. The compendium has been compiled by Anthony Blake with the innovative assistance of Richard Heath. It represents the product of his scanning of the World Wide Web and his interpretation of what is 'relevant' to the ideas of systematics. It is a work in progress and readers are encouraged to offer sugestions of their own. This linking of ideas is not intended to define systematics but to express a larger monad within which systematics can be situated. A recent development will make it possible to express 'themes' which can link several items into meaningful sub-wholes and help organize how we can think about the whole organized complexity.

The method used here exemplifies the other parallel development to systematics of structural communication. In brief, there is a set of many items - each of which is meaningful in its own right and is now referred to as a molecule of meaning - which can be organised according to a variety of criteria. This gives not a hierarchical but a heterarchical organisation.

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